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Testimonials...  Lives changed

"Everyone is born with a fire inside them. It may flicker but it never goes out. I help people look within—to awaken and empower them with the tools and knowledge to ignite their inner flame and experience life.  


We do it Together... step by step, goal by goal, and dream by dream."

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Our Services That Change Lives...

Personal, Customized One-To- One Life Motivation & Life Coaching.

Life-Planning & Goal Discovery and Setting.

Business Coaching.

Small Group Consulting.

High-Performace Life-Training.


"I was waking up everyday not wanting to be alive.  i didnt want to kill myself..... but if i died it would be a blessing in disguise.  i had no inspiration, everything was always "not working out" or "i had the worst luck".   than i contacted ryan..... started to set goals began dreaming.  i was scared and it made me sick to think i could have anything and was worth it.  but one month at a time my goals and dreams were coming true :)  now i cant wait to see what the day brings and what new adventures are coming my way."


- Nicole


"Being mentored by Ryan was awesome!  He helped me focus on what I really wanted to achieve and helped me define my goals and make a plan of how to turn them into reality.  Ryan also gave me lots of tools to help change my thought patterns and to become more attuned to opportunities that presented themselves to me.  I am still a work in progress but I have made strides in achieving my dreams and with his coaching truly believe they will be fulfilled.  I am excited by my future and the endless possibilities life brings when open to it.  Thank you, Ryan."


- Margaret


“Meeting with Ryan helped to keep my goals even more on track...  Ryan helped to get me back on track.  I would highly recommend his services if you want to work hard at becoming the best version of yourself.”


- Katie (Winnipeg MOTIV8 client)


"My new life has everything that I set out to accomplish and now I am reaching for a whole new level. Incredible to imagine that!  Thank you Ryan."


--Sky (Winnipeg MOTIV8 client)



"Ryan created a safe space for me to be open and to engage in a process of self-discovery, providing me with his insightful and honest feedback.  Ryan’s constant encouragement gave me the motivation I needed to take action to put my plans into effect.  Ryan’s style of coaching is not about telling you what you should do, but instead  empowering you to define your own path toward a more meaningful life.  Thanks to Ryan, I now have a completely new vision for my life and the confidence to make that vision a reality."



Ryan is one of the few famed Bob Proctor Certified Life Coaches in Canada!

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Let me take YOU to your Next Level...

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