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motiv8 life coaching winnipeg motiv8 life coaching winnipeg motiv8 life coaching winnipeg motiv8 life coaching winnipeg

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Winnipeg Life Coaches

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How are your resolutions going? Are they fading out or just getting started? 21 days is the time it takes for new habits to start forming and the reason Alcohol Anonymous bases it's successful program around it. Now is the time! We are all created equal and 2014 is a great time for a fresh perspective and new start!


Before we look ahead to where we are going, we must look back from where we came from. What did you do in 2013 that worked great? What didn't work and what did you learn both personally and professionally from it? For me, here's two main things I learned.



#1) We can't avoid problems. No matter who your are, no matter where you live or how well you are doing in any area of life, we can't avoid pain and struggles. They are going to happen and come to each of us in different forms at different times throughout our life. We all know this, but yet we still dwell in the negative sometimes. It's the law of opposites - we can't have joy and love without having the other. The key is to embrace it. To use it as fuel towards something positive, to take a lesson moving forward, to push out the pain and replace it with strength! If only our society knew that being in a place of uncertainty, of being uncomfortable is not a bad thing. It's a positive sign, the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next. So the next time something happens to you, welcome the pain and know that something better is planned and coming for you  . . .  



#2) The importance of making time for ourselves. Over the last few years and up to this point, it's been all about making time for getting things done, making to do lists, staying productive, and trying to doing it all. As a result, life is busier than ever.


Moving forward we must now schedule time to look after ourselves. To let go of the feeling of needing to be constantly busy. Work and responsibility will always be there and we can always create it. It's the endless wheel that leads to burnout, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The real question is why do it all in the first place? We are much more productive and happier when we take time for our own mind, body and spirit. Schedule time to recharge the batteries, turn off the cellphone/email, reflect, let go and allow your mind to be quiet and reset. You'll be a better, more productive, happier person moving forward!



2017 is a fresh start! Make it count and enjoy this amazing journey of life we are all on. Lots more things to come this year. Motivation interview series, videos and exciting things on the horizon.




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I was asked by Canada's Major broadcasting netowrk (CBC) to share some tips to help people get real results;


Make your goal big enough that it gets you excited! Losing 10 lbs, getting out of debt or earning a little extra income isn't going to fire you up to get out of bed every morning, especially when it's freezing winter outside.  


However, losing weight and the healthy feeling that comes with it, to make others notice your glow, of taking control of your life and creating a new self image, now that's exciting and worth it! Having more choices with your time and money. Ask yourself why now and what will the end result look like to you and start doing.Or are you going to wait another year to make it happen?


Break down the big goals, and start small.  Now that we have made the decision to do something, we approach the "how". We are creatures of habit, and it doesn't happen overnight. Our bodies automatically protect us from the uncomfortable. The key is to start small, so you prove to yourself that you can do it, regardless of what happened in the past. One month at a time, one week at a time to one day at a time.


What's one small thing you going to do today to get closer to your goal?


Defeat Your Inner Army! We all have little voices in our heads that we battle on a daily basis. Everyone's voice is different and understanding how yours works and what you need to tell yourself is the key to being in control of your subconscious mind. Once you are in control, you can refocus it to becoming the best version of yourself, regardless of what has happened in the past.


Build a success list. We all focus on what we haven't done, but instead focus on what you have done. If you've been there before, you can do it again, If someone else did it, then why can't you?


Have someone hold you accountable! Whether it's a coach or friend, or business partner, have them follow up with you. What's the consequences if you don't do what you say. Make them scarier than the action themselves, and it will help push you through,  



2014 is a fresh start! Make it count and enjoy this amazing journey of life we are all on!



Ryan Anderson

Motiv8 Life Coach

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 Making New Years Resolutions Work.

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New Years Resolutions Catch-Up

"I have always been a driven person with high expectations for myself, both personally and professionally.  Finding myself in the midst of a midlife career transition, I felt that I lacked the self-confidence I needed to reach my goals and get all that I wanted out of life.  I felt stuck and I knew that I needed help to get my life moving again and rid myself of the mental roadblocks that were preventing me from taking my life to the next level of personal and professional fulfillment.  That’s when I decided to hire Ryan to be my life coach.  It was the best decision that I have made in my life.  Over the course of the next year and a half, Ryan showed me that I did not have to be defined by my past and that I already possessed what I needed to achieve my goals.  Most of all, in the one-on-one sessions, Ryan created a safe space for me to be open and to engage in a process of self-discovery, providing me with his insightful and honest feedback.  Ryan’s constant encouragement gave me the motivation I needed to take action to put my plans into effect.  Ryan’s style of coaching is not about telling you what you should do, but instead  empowering you to define your own path toward a more meaningful life.  Thanks to Ryan, I now have a completely new vision for my life and the confidence to make that vision a reality."