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About Ryan.

          Turning small steps into Big Leaps...

I was adopted into a middle-class family and grew up on the prairies.   My parents were hard workers, extremely honest and caring people who supported me in everything I tried. Over the years, I studied people, read books and learned common successful traits, attitudes and knowledge from others which I apply to my own life. It has enabled me to eliminate negative energy including fear and worry and strengthen my mind to become unstoppable. Applying this knowledge has allowed me to complete full marathons, triathlons, extreme endurance races including the CN Tower Stairs Climb, the Canadian Death Race, and the Arrowhead 135. In the summer of 2008, I sold my 5.0L Mustang and Ran and Biked across Canada from Victoria to St. John’s for the David Suzuki Foundation (taking me 49 days, averaging 200kms per day). I was also grateful to be chosen as an Olympic Torch Bearer for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. In my business life, it has allowed me to choose my own path, succeeding in Real Estate, Business and Coaching.

"MOTIV8: Awaken, Empower, Experience ... Light the fire within!"

"Everyone is born with a fire inside them. It may flicker but it never goes out. I help people look within—to awaken and empower them with the tools and knowledge to ignite their inner flame and experience life.  


We do it Together... step by step, goal by goal, and dream by dream."

Let me take YOU to your Next Level...

                           ...   to where you Deserve to be.

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Our Services That Change Lives...

Personal, Customized One-To- One Life Motivation & Life Coaching.

Life-Planning & Goal Discovery and Setting.

Business Coaching.

Small Group Consulting.

High-Performace Life-Training.

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My personal mission is to leave this world better than when I arrived— doing so in such a way that everyone benefits. I believe that we have forgotten how to experience life and all it has to offer. I can help you open your eyes, increase your awareness and discover the infinite possibilities all around you. You can break free of fear and evolve into the person you always knew you could become but have put on hold. That feeling of knowing there’s more out there and not having any regrets.


You deserve to have experiences that you have only dreamed about. A famous but true quote reminds us that "Most people spend more timing planning a vacation, then planning their own life."


Many mentors have taught and believed in me and now I feel it’s my turn to teach and pass on this gift to others. I offer a personalized, unique coaching experience like none other. Limiting to only 5 clients at a time, allows me to give my full energy and time to maximize your results and make significant changes in your life. Everyone has their own path—my job is to help you find and stay on it. Having a strong, confident, energetic person in your corner, holding you accountable in your everyday challenges, is one of the most powerful things you can  do for yourself.  Welcome to Motiv8.  It’s time to unleash the real you.

Ryan is one of the few famed Bob Proctor Certified Life Coaches in Canada!

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